How to get rid of ladybugs

ladybugLadybugs are one pest that are really not harmful. Still they are an annoyance and most people find they end up with a terrible ladybug infestation. Ladybugs attract other ladybugs so if you see one there are sure to be others. They crawl and fly around and just are not something you enjoy in your home. They can be difficult to get rid of, though, so you should learn the effective steps to getting ladybugs to leave.

Ladybugs quickly multiple once they invade a home. That is due to the fact that they release a pheromone that attracts other ladybugs. Once they release the pheromone it does not go away, so even once they are gone, it remains to let other ladybugs know it is a good winter hibernation spot. They usually seek a nice place to stay out the winter. They let off a foul smell and can be toxic to some animals, but they are relatively harmless to humans.

However, if you have had a ladybug infestation you understand that they are not pleasant to have around the house and after a while they may start to bite. They can become overwhelming in numbers and you start to find them everywhere, even in your food, where they may have dropped while traveling about your home.

Getting rid of them starts with sealing off cracks or other areas they may enter through. The drier your home, the better off because ladybugs dehydrate quickly without a good water source. You can vacuum them up, which is a very effective method to get them out of your home. You can then release them back outside. There are also commercial products that you can use to get ladybugs back outside. There are special lights which attract them and trap them. Most products to get rid of ladybugs are not toxic to them. This is because they do more good than harm and it is better to catch them and release them back outside than to exterminate them.

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Anonymous said...

Ladybugs are not annoying, they are like childrens best friends. I should know, I love ladybugs. Im 12.